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Press Release: Leading Clinical Research merged with German CRO GCP-Service International

Prague, 8 March 2018: In February, the owners of Czech company Leading Clinical Research, s.r.o., operating in the sphere of organization and conduct of clinical trials, concluded a contract on its merger with German GCP-Service International Ltd. & Co. KG. In future, this will give rise to a new pan-European player in the clinical trial market, with the total turnover in excess of 8 million EUR. The amount of the transaction is in the order of ten million EUR.

Leading Clinical Research ranges among top Czech companies specialized in the testing of new pharmaceuticals. Annually, it processes tens of studies in various fields of medicine and operates in the markets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. In the last few years, it has also closely focused upon medical devices, in the testing of which it has assumed the position of the Central European leader.

“We have been cooperating with our German partner for years, and we have decided to merge in order
to create a player relevant across Europe. Our partners avail of excellent IT infrastructure allowing, inter alia, for electronic data collection directly from patients or for the storage of any documentation solely in electronic format. Furthermore, Central European region is renowned for the high quality of studies conducted in various hospitals or outpatient facilities. I believe that this way we will be able to achieve major synergies and offer our clients highly professional and cost-effective services,” said Jiří Paseka, Leading Clinical Research co-owner.

GCP-Service International, with its registered office in Bremen, Germany, is a well-established West-European clinical research company with branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.S. It avails of its own information technology development necessary for objective testing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and, concurrently, of its experience from the management of large international projects.

Andreas Grund, GCP-Services International CEO and co-owner, says: “Companies developing innovative products need innovative CROs (Contract Research Organizations, which both of the companies are). This demand is our credo. Our team of scientists, medical doctors and programmers never considered tradition as synonym for correct. Our clients get the best of our human skills and the best of innovative software tools to run clinical studies more robust, more transparent and more cost effectively.”

Recently, the area of clinical studies has become a key discipline in the healthcare industry. It involves a process which any new medicine on the market has to pass prior to its marketing authorization and launch for regular use. Nowadays, none of the fields of medicine could possibly do without this process. The size of the global market of clinical studies is estimated at 36.27 billion USD in 2017.

About GCP-Service International

GCP-Service International Ltd. & Co. KG is a German, privately owned limited partnership involved in the development of medicines and medical devices. It was established in 2004 and soon thereafter won a significant position in the German and later West-European market. Its turnover exceeds some 5 million EUR. (www.gcp-service.com)

About Leading Clinical Research

LCR is a Czech company operating in the sphere of clinical trials, established in 2009. Recently, it has specialized, inter alia, in the area of medical devices. By the end of 2017, its turnover amounted to approx. 1.8 million EUR. With regard to the aforementioned transaction, as of 1 March 2018, the company changed its name to GCP-Service International s.r.o. (www.clinical-research.cz)